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Two hundred years ago, on a vessel orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere, the remnants of mankind awoke from a cold slumber. They were forced to abandon their world, enter these ships and freeze themselves. The reason: a comet had struck the Earth, carrying with it a strange new element that brought a sickness that killed every living thing it touched – this ‘Sickness’ could not be stopped. The last ditch effort to save the world was to destroy the world and start again. They built machines that would set fire to the atmosphere – killing the sickness in the process and hopefully in a few thousand years a new atmosphere would be formed. They entered the ARKs, expecting to wake up to a new world, but they never woke up. A signal sent from the Earth destroyed the computers on the ARKs and mankind never woke up. These machines were designed to last forever and it’s possible that they had.

The world they returned to has been populated anew …

Visit http://rpgsanctum.wikispaces.com/ for full details and a character sheet.

You can expect the game to consist of:

30% GM run quest roleplay, 30% freeform roleplay, 20% storyline development, 20% combat

The game is played on the Darkmyst IRC network, channel information below.

#00C:SANCTUM (note, those are zeros)

Session time is Sunday nights 8pm-12am CENTRAL

Home Page

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